Outdoor photos with mobile

5 Tips for better outdoor photos

GuidoFuà is an italian photographer who took this photo in New York
NEW YORK WINE BAR “LA PACE”| Photo by GuidoFuà 

Have you been to a restaurant, café, or bar and you wished that you could have a perfect outdoor photo to share? Don’t worry!

With only 5 tips you can have a professional mobile photo

You can have fun, drink, talk to each other and eat but some outdoor photos as the memorable images sound perfect! You can have it all with good planning and adjusting your camera to come out with amazing pictures to show off because more often than not, a perfect photo is a combination of good planning and timing.

1. Clean the mobile camera lens!

We use our smartphones everywhere and on any occasion, normally because of putting them in our pockets, purses, bags, or different surfaces, they become dirty quickly so make sure that your mobile lens is pretty clean and ready for a photo shoot.

2. Consider the light and the atmosphere

Double-check the light and the surroundings! Are you in a restaurant with colorful interior design or in a café with nude furniture? Maybe you are in a bar with dark or red lights? So when you pay attention to the different lights, colors, and their reflection, you understand that when you need to turn on the flash, choose the night mode or keep it as it is. Make a good outdoor photo!

3. Don’t be lazy and get closer!

Some people prefer to use the zoom option. Without a doubt, nowadays new mobile phones have made photography more professional but consider that the zooming option doesn’t always work for you. All you should pay attention to is those little pixels and the quality, move and find a good angle!

4. Try different filters while you take outdoor photo

There are a lot of applications and mobile features with pre-made filters that help you to take a better photo, try them. Natural light is always the best choice for taking photos because you would be able to edit the original image easily as you want but filters will also enhance the quality and the appearance of your photos.

5. Act natural and relax!

The camera always makes us nervous and confused. Why? because we don’t know how we look like but never think about that, deep breath, and pose naturally. You can pretend that you are eating or drinking something or even you can actually eat or drink. So if you feel nervous, show that you are busy with preparing something on the table or looking somewhere because pretending makes you forget the camera and obviously your picture looks better.

Give them a shot and share in a sec!

Credit: Samin Mousavi

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