Learn How To Start Architectural photography

Architectural or building photography means capturing photos from the different buildings, designs, and structures. These photos should show the beauty and aesthetic aspects of the architecture with the representation of the subjects. In other words, architectural or building photography concentrate on the expression of the buildings. Therefore, it can be varied from the buildings to the bridges and skyscrapers and also other constructions.

There are many types in architecture photography, some of them are namely:

Exterior architectural photography

Interior architectural photography

New build architectural photography

Refurbishment architectural photography

Existing building architectural photography

In structure photography, some photographers just try to represent the aesthetic side while some photographers take this role as a professional job to advertise for some agencies or magazines and architectural firms.  If you just found interest in architectural photography and you tend to learn more, this article is going to give you some practical information that will help you in this path.

Improve your visual perception

This means that you should boost your visual understanding potency to take some professional photos. How can you boost it? Undoubtedly the more you see and pay attention to the structures around you, the more you fortify them. Above all photography is like a puzzle in which you should have an eye on everything to capture and memorize. Practice and try to observe your subject from different perspectives and angles.

People can be a part of photos

Architectural photos are not necessarily about taking building and structures photos but you can also consider people. Sometimes people with movements or different costumes and colorful clothes can make an interesting harmony with the whole building structure.  

Details and the lens

Wide-angles lenses are practical for architectural photography. You should also think about showing up the details or some specific shapes and angles in the structure from exterior to interior, from the old buildings to the new ones. 

The importance of time

Try to shoot at different times. Imagine you have only a photo from a beautiful bridge in spring when it’s rainy but don’t think it would be better if you had other photos at different times?.

For example, maybe the fall with the yellow and orange leaves and uncovered trees can double the beauty of the bridge. Look for new opportunities that come with time.  Snow, golden sunlight, raindrops, sunset, spring vibe, and long shadows are some elements of time. 

Read the story behind the structure

It is very important to know the history and the story of the building that you are going to take photos of. Unquestionably for some advertising pictures, you may have a meeting with the agency, designers, architect, or the owner to know what they want to be shown in photoshoots, but for other types of photos, researching in advance helps you a lot. When you know how ancient is a building or what material and glasses are used, what is the whole concept and many other things, you focus on them more and you can have better ideas for your photos.

Practice and discover more!

Credit: Samin Mousavi

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