Armocromy and Photography

What is Armocromy?

We’ve been hearing the word “armocromy” more and more lately. Especially on social media, it is one of the topics of the moment. Armocromy is an analysis that studies the physical characteristics of each person, in particular: eyes, hair and skin. The latter is not an imposition, nor duty, but rather an awareness of oneself: which colors suit us more, which less and consequently what lights and effects to use to enhance us. Armocromy divides subjects into 4 seasons: winter, autumn, spring and summer. Based on cold or warm colors, intensity and contrast. For example, winter and summer prefer cold colors, while autumn and spring prefer warm colors. Each category has a subgroup and a color palette:

Winter is divided into bright, cool and deep. Cool undertones, strong contrasts, high intensity.

Autumn in: warm, soft and deep. Warm undertone, low contrast, low intensity.

Spring: light, warm, bright. Warm undertone, strong contrasts, high intensity.

Summer: light, cool, soft. Cool undertone, low contrast, low intensity

How to find out your season?

There are several methods:

  • Bringing clothes of different colors close to the face to guess which colors light us up more and which less, in front of a mirror. This will help us understand if our complexion is cold or warm. On the other hand, to find out if the contrasts are strong or light, we need to bring together a strong black and white striped print and a thin striped one. While for the intensity you look at how strong and dark colors and light and soft ones look.
  • Informing yourself on the internet, social or through books. The guru of armocromy is Rossella Migliaccio.
  • Through image consulting

What is the relationship between Armocromy and Photography?

In photography, color is essential, as well as cold or warm tones, intensity and contrast that depend on the photographed subject. So the knowledge of these characteristics goes to enhance the model and the shooting in general. But it is not always necessary, with photography you can camouflage the subject and even “disguise” it from other seasons thanks to lighting, makeup and retouching. 

To enhance the subject, in addition to the outfit and the makeup made with appropriate colors, the background also makes a difference, creating harmony with the model and her palette. 

Guido Fuà’ s shooting with Laura Chiatti in Eikona studio

How to retouch and take photos following the Armocromy?

If the subject is winter, it is advisable to cool the colors, increasing the contrast and lowering the heat. The black and white effect is perfect.

For those who are autumn, it is preferable to lower the contrast and shoot during the golden hour to emphasize the warm colors with the warm light typical of the sunset. Otherwise, increase the color temperature.

For the spring, bright and fluorescent colors are good, so you need to increase saturation and play with contrasts.

Finally, for the summer, pastel colors are preferred and the perfect time to shoot is the blue hour (the one after sunset and before sunrise). Otherwise, you can obtain a similar effect by lowering the temperature creating a blue/purple effect.

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