AI in visual art

There is a lot of talk these days about how new technologies are changing different areas of our lives. Our contribution addresses AI contextualized in the visual art world. The Portrait of Edmond de Belamy is auctioned at Christie’s, New York, with a record $432,000 sale. This work is the first creation by artificial intelligence. He […]

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Images that you can feel: what is synesthesia?

Can images make noise? Is a sound colored? Can an image evoke a smell? Many studies confirm it. It is a phenomenon called “synesthesia“. What is synesthesia?  Synesthesia (from Greek syn = together and aisthesis = sensation), in literature, is a particular type of metaphor. To clarify, it consists of associations of two words, that refer to different sensory spheres (for

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Armocromy and Photography

What is Armocromy? We’ve been hearing the word “armocromy” more and more lately. Especially on social media, it is one of the topics of the moment. Armocromy is an analysis that studies the physical characteristics of each person, in particular: eyes, hair and skin. The latter is not an imposition, nor duty, but rather an

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The relationship between Photography and Poetry

Poetry and photography are very distinct art forms. One communicates with words, the other communicates with light. But, how are poems and photographs similar? What unites poets and photographers? Often, we refer to photographs as having “poetic” or “lyrical” qualities. It was an ancient Roman poet named Quinto Orazio Flacco (known as Orazio) who first

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3 Masters of architectural photography

Architectural photography grew with other interesting fields in the world of photography.  There are a lot of amazing and eye-catching buildings, skyscrapers, interior and exterior designs that will draw your attention for plenty of time. Architectural photographers represent the different ideas behind the architect’s minds. They certainly show the beauty of the constructions combined with

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The photographic composition

Photographic Composition is the process of identifying and organizing the elements that produce a coherent image. David Prakel affirms! Photographic composition is important for the success of a photograph; knowing only photographic technique is not enough. When you take a photo, first of all, you frame the scene you want to capture, and finally, you

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Learn How To Start Architectural photography

Architectural or building photography means capturing photos from the different buildings, designs, and structures. These photos should show the beauty and aesthetic aspects of the architecture with the representation of the subjects. In other words, architectural or building photography concentrate on the expression of the buildings. Therefore, it can be varied from the buildings to

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