But first, let me take a selfie!

Selfie is a familiar word for each of us after the popularity of social media. It is becoming even more interesting and entertaining with introducing different filters, apps, and professional mobile cameras. Undoubtedly you have heard the song called Selfie by The Chainsmoker! This song was released in 2014 when people became too attached to their mobile phones and their front camera. Selfies nowadays are a part of our life, doesn’t matter where we are and when it is, you will put your finger and take it easily!

On some occasions, you may have experienced the moment that you feel confident, classy, and cool enough to have a picture of yourself but also tired of the same poses and angles. It’s ok!

In this article, you will read some useful tips to take a selfie in a better way! Prepare your camera and follow EIkona’s tips

What do you really feel?!!

When you want to take a selfie, first think about what do you feel and how do you want to show it in your selfie. In some poses, you will look happy, therefore you should try poses with a big smile, bright eyes, and, an energetic figure. On the contrary in some poses you want to look serious, so you should seem thoughtful, chin up, and without a smile.

Angle, Angle, and Angle!

First, like some professional photographers, you should take many selfies from different angles. More shots result in the quickest understanding of your good side. It is the only way that you can understand in which angle you look more impressive. One of the best angles is taking the photo from above. Do not ruin your picture and its proportion by taking it from below! Remember this; Chin down but the camera up.

Light game

One of the most important things in any type of photography is light. You may destroy a photo with bad lightning or make it the best one. Natural sunlight or being exposed to light rings are the most common ways in order to have good selfies. If you do not possess them, try taking a selfie with another mobile or tablet flash on. The point is to have a good light on your face. In some applications, there are different modes, do not forget that some modes will decrease the quality of your photo. Consider your surrounding which reflects other lights.


Always choose a good background in all of your pictures not only selfies. Light backgrounds make your face fresher and brighter but it is not only a good strategy. Sometimes using light background results in excess lights and it will spoil your photo.

Shaky hands?

Generally, and normally when we are nervous or stressed our hands start shaking! Deep breath. Although many mobile phones are so hard to handle because of their weight and size, they are all equipped with the timer mode. Set the timer, wait for the right moment and take your perfect photo in a relaxed way.

iPhone secret feature

If you use iPhone and you want to stay a little more away from your phone, you can try the headphone feature.  Use volume buttons on your headphone and place your mobile phone farther.

Credit: Samin Mousavi

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