Caio Mario Garrubba, Praga, 1957-Archivio storico Luce

From 9th October to 28th November at Palazzo Merulana in Rome comes the exhibition of Caio Mario Garrubba. The exhibition has been curated by Emiliano Guidi and Stefano Mirabella. Roma Fotografia 2021 FREEDOM includes the exhibition in ots program. The exhibition shows 116 shots, many unpublished. There are photos, vintage prints and test pieces. the work done on negatives, prints and test pieces favors the birth of the exhibition. In total there are 60000 negatives and 40000 slides purchased from the Luce archive after Garrubba’s death in 2015. When the Luce archives acquired Garrubba’s work, it did so in order to preserve and disseminate an important heritage. Exhibitions are organized to contribute to the expansion of photojournalism and photography. The FREELANCE exhibition and the 2019 LONTANO exhibition declare Garrubba’s prowess and merit.


Caio Mario Garrubba, Unione Sovietica, Mosca,1957-Archivio storico Luce

Garrubba was a freelance photojournalist active during the 1950s. He has made many trips all over the world and his colleagues consider him one of the most important Italian photojournalists. When Garrubba photographs and portrays ordinary people he makes a portrait of the time. Garrubba has been a source of inspiration for photojournalism and an important exhibitor of international contemporary photography. Garrubba is an inspiration for photojournalism and street photography. Garrubba’s photos don’t have a pose but everyday life is represented. In 2019, Garrubba’s Lontano exhibition organized by the Istituto Luce/Cinecittà included 100 shots. The Lontano exhibition was a rediscovery of an author still little known in Italy. The exhibition ends with a documentary produced by Luce-Cinecittà where there is an interview with Garrubba’s wife and collaborator. She tells not only the photographer side of her husband but also his human side.

A look at the exhibition

The historical archives Luce/Cinecittò SpA organized the exhibition. The title FREELANCE recalls the photographer’s work. Garrubba was a freelancer who, despite being free, felt at home wherever he went. The exhibition wants to emphasize Garrubba’s will to document in his photos what he saw. The itinerary is divided into two parts. The first is more linear and the second has thematic focuses. In the second part there is everything that makes Garrubba’s vision unique.  

One more look

The present shots are in black and white and enhance the amazing effect. The dispositions of the human subjects together with the geometry and the depth of the field recall a perfect harmony. In the exhibition also subjects portrayed from behind, people sleeping and people taking pictures.The photo show lets you into the photographer’s life. There are photos of Garrubba’s travels from the 1950s to the 1970s in Europe, Asia and America. Garrubba’s photos become as representative as those taken in 1970 in the New York subway. Film-level shots.

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