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Instagram’s impact on the photography

Photografy and communication on social media Since the digital revolution, the world of photography has become intertwined with the world of communication. Instagram is considered the social of images where

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Armocromy and Photography

What is Armocromy? We’ve been hearing the word “armocromy” more and more lately. Especially on social media, it is one of the topics of the moment. Armocromy is an analysis

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The photographic composition

Photographic Composition is the process of identifying and organizing the elements that produce a coherent image. David Prakel affirms! Photographic composition is important for the success of a photograph; knowing

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Learn How To Start Architectural photography

Architectural or building photography means capturing photos from the different buildings, designs, and structures. These photos should show the beauty and aesthetic aspects of the architecture with the representation of

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Over the years, technical and technological innovations have developed. Among the many digital innovations that have taken place is digital photography. Digital photography also arose due to the need to

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In 1839 the technique called dagherrotipia came into the world and led to the birth of photography. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre gave his name to this technique. This type of photographic process

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