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Christmas and holidays are almost close and you’re definitely thinking of having amazing captures while you are with the family indoor or outdoor. There is a lot of different lighting, various Christmas trees, colorful scenes, decorations, and gifts around. Well. You are in right place, this article is going to give you some good Christmas photography tips and ideas. Don’t forget to be sure that you have enough charge in your camera or phone first!

Photos by Guido Fua

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Take the action promptly

Grab your camera or your mobile phone and act fast to take the picture. Each moment of family or friend gatherings and parties have unique scenes which will add fun and a special theme to your Christmas photos.

2. More Photos, please!

This is a golden rule for anyone who wants to take a good photo; in most cases, you have to take more photos continuously. Without a doubt, it will give you more opportunities to double-check and assure if your photos are good or not. You will be able to select the most lovely one!

3. Bokeh Technique

you may probably ask what is Bokeh in photography terms. It is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image. Therefore, you can benefit from this tool. In general, for taking advantage of bokeh in photos, there should be a clear distinction between the foreground subject in an image and the background. Compare to a good bokeh, bad bokeh is when both foreground and background are blurred and out of focus. 

4. Importance of Natural Light

Using Flash on some occasions is good but more often than not it’s not mandatory for nice photos. you can create a warm atmosphere in your pictures with the natural light of the Christmas tree or even the fireplace.

Photo by Guido Fua
5. Christmas costume!

Try different Christmas costumes like Santa hats, funny holiday outfits, and different masks! use the LED fairy lights in your poses and make some unique pictures.

6. ISO + Quality

in some dark areas with low light, you are allowed to increase the ISO but don’t forget the more you increase the ISO the less quality you will have. Start taking photos with ISO 400 and then if you are not satisfied, increase it step by step.

Photo by Guido Fua
7. Active and Energetic

Stay active and be energetic in photos. Take some Christmas portraits and family ones. Try to get people’s reactions while they open the presents or even during the decorating the tree. Young children are good ones for expressing emotions in photos.

Credit: Samin Mousavi

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