FATIMA SHBAIR: Palestinian photojournalist.

Every day we happen to remember an event, to celebrate something.
Today November 29 is the international day of solidarity for the Palestinian people established by the ONU in memory of the partition of Palestine into two independent states.
Since ancient times, Palestine is a sacred land not only for the Jewish people but also for Christians and Muslims. So, it has always been subject to serious tensions, even today it lives in an unstable and unresolved situation.
For this reason, we tell you the story of Fatima Shbair.


Born in 1997, she is a Palestinian photojournalist who studied economics before turning to photojournalism. Every day she finds herself reporting on what is happening in her country through photography. In other words, she is a self-taught photographer with an interest in documenting the stories of people. She wants to represent the cultures and social problems she experiences in Gaza City, in Palestine.

(Photo by Fatima Shbair/ for LeFigaro. https://www.lefigaro.fr/)

As a result, since the age of five, many children use weapons in Palestine.
They learn how to use a pistol and a rifle and are trained as real fighters. Meanwhile, Mothers in Palestine are afraid and fear for their children. The photos of Fatima make us realise how normal the situation is there.
In fact, you can hear the roar of Israeli fighter jets flying overhead all day long. Along with the sound of missile explosions and aerial bombardments.


GAZA CITY, GAZA – NOVEMBER 14: Palestinian youth perform a show with fire in front of people in Al-Shejaiya neighbourhood on November 14, 2021, in Gaza City, Gaza, Palestine.
(Photo by Fatima Shbair/Getty Images).

“For many young people living in Gaza, the years of living under a blockade effectively cutting them off from the outside world have taken a heavy toll with mental health levels rising among young people…
… Many young people turn to sport and other recreational activities to relieve the pressures of everyday life. From boxing to horse riding, many young people have found creative outlets to help release mental stress.”
Fatima writes on her Instagram.
Therefore through her photos, we feel the pain and suffering of Palestine. In the same way, through her stories, we take from them the hope and the will to fight with all her strength.


As a female photojournalist, Shbair’s gender and line of work are challenged on a daily basis, due to the conservative nature of Gaza society, and the prevention of male photojournalists in the industry.
Despite this, in 2020 Shbair began receiving assignments from several international agencies, including Getty Images and The New York Times. Her assignments increased in 2021, although she faced the challenge of working during a global pandemic. Health crisis that tested and devastated her community. Now Shbair is currently a contributor to Everyday Middle East and continues her work with Getty Images.
Finally, her work has been exhibited in Palestine, the UAE, London and Paris.

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