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Slim Aarons and his iconic photos!

Slim Aarons is a legendary American photographer who is well-known for the pictures of celebrities and socialites. His real name is George Allen Aarons and was born in 1916 in

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Sebastiao Salgado @ Maxxi

Sebastiao Salgado is considered one of the world’s greatest contemporary photographers. But his story began in Brazil many years ago and his passion for photography came later. Life Sebastiao Salgado

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Steve McCurry

Life Steve McCurry was born on 23 April 1950 in a small town in Pennsylvania. He enrolled at Penn State University to study photography and film and graduated with a

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Claude Chaun: un’artista fuori dagli schemi

"Maschile? Femminile? Ma dipende dai casi. Neutro è l'unico genere che mi va sempre bene".                                                                                                                  Claude Chaun.

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