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3 Masters of architectural photography

Architectural photography grew with other interesting fields in the world of photography.  There are a lot of amazing and eye-catching buildings, skyscrapers, interior and exterior designs that will draw your

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3 street photographers you should know

Without a doubt, street photographers are influential artists that express different aspects of life. Nowadays street photography is considered a form of art. As you may know, street photography records

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© Edward Weston, Ritratto di Tina Modotti, Messico, 1923


Tina Modotti was born in 1896 in Udine and died in 1942 in Mexico City. She devoted her life to her two passions, art and revolution. One of the greatest

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Le baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris 1950 © Robert Doisneau


Robert Doisneau is a French photographer belonging to the genre of street photography. Life Born in Paris in 1912, he began to work in photography in 1929 working for the

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© Saul Leiter, Taxi (New York, 1957)


The photographic genre in which the photographer captures subjects in the street during real life situations is street photography. A famous photographer in this genre is Saul Leiter. Who he

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Slim Aarons and his iconic photos!

Slim Aarons is a legendary American photographer who is well-known for the pictures of celebrities and socialites. His real name is George Allen Aarons and was born in 1916 in

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