Macro photography and the world of details

Welcome to the world of details with Macro photography! It is a way of making small and tiny things, look bigger and larger. Obviously, you may now consider many things around you as a good macro photography subject. These subjects vary from flowers to insects, different natural surfaces, plants, leaves, and sometimes foods.

Without a doubt you cannot experience macro photography with usual camera lenses, there are some special ones that are designed for this type of photo. These lenses have the ability to take extreme close-ups and details. These photos with highly captured details are mostly used for nature photography.

What is the difference between Macro, Micro, and Close-up photography?

Although they look similar, surely they have some differences. In macro photography, we tend to capture the small subjects and attempt to make them look bigger than their actual size.

In Close-up terms, as it is obvious, we get closer to the subject and capture the photo. The more you get close, the more your frame will be full of the subject. In other words, it is about zooming for the full features.  Microphotography is for small subjects that fill the photo frame. Macro photos of micro subjects are a better explanation of microphotography.

What are the best cameras for taking Macro photos?

In order to take good macro photos, you should take a good lens and camera for holing it into account. “Compact” or “Point-and-shoot” cameras are practical for macro pictures if your budget is limited. Nowadays most compact cameras have a Macro mood which is good for some beginners and amateur photographers. Therefore, if you just started to take some macro photos and you possess a compact camera, try to find the macro mood and capture some!

What about DSLR?

DSLR or digital single-lens reflex cameras are well-known for allowing interchangeable lenses on the same camera body. These cameras allow you to capture a variety of pictures, especially macro ones. DSLR cameras have full-frame or cropped sensors that allow you to zoom more on your subject.

and Mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras are light while they are faster and even better for video. These cameras have Focus peaking. Focus peaking detects the highest contrast in your scene. It shows which aspects of your scene or object are in focus so it is practical for macro photos.

Two important tools for Macro photography that you should keep in mind!

Some of the Ring lights can fit over the camera lens. They are perfect to see and assure if you add good lighting and shine to the subject for flawless details. Except for the ring lights, you should consider the Remote shutter. They often connect with Bluetooth or through wireless options and help you to take photos and release shutters without touching the camera. In order to have good macro photos, you should capture with a slow shutter rather than the normal shutter.

Now it’s time to observe the small and tiny objects around you and have fun taking macro photos of them!

credit: Samin Mousavi

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