Maria Cecchi, professional boxer and photomodel

Maria Cecchi, photomodel Glamour
by Guido Fuà

Let’s find out together who Maria cecchi is and why she calls herself “Russian”

Maria Cecchi is a professional boxer born in Rome to an Italian dad and a Russian mom, hence the nickname “Russian The Hurricane”.
She began to pursue her passion for boxing in 2015 and won several awards. His dream has always been to become a professional athlete.

Amateurism was a transition point for her where she could gain experience and hone her technique. She has even worn the Italian national team’s jersey and won several silver medals. You can find more about her story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P22jCHD57hQ here.

Maria Cecchi boxe , by Guido Fua

Among her most recent successes, we can find the victory with the first Super Gauge (Supergallo) title in the ring of PalaSantoro in Rome against Anna Lisa Brozzi. Winning this match, Maria Russian celebrates a real historical record.

Her love for boxing and more

Maria Cecchi, photomodel Glamour by Guido Fua

The Russian defines boxing as her life, but she doesn’t hide the love she has for traveling for dance and the art world in general. She is also a dancer and a model. This is exactly how the collaboration with Eikona Studio and the various shootings with her came about.

The combination of boxing and model is the key to the success of her photos. They can express strength, elegance, and beauty at the same time.
She defines as special her relationship with Guido Fuà, founder of the agency. In her last shoot, she told us about her experience with Eikona as something stupendous. According to her, the studio is one of the best equipped she has ever seen. Guido’s professionalism and his friendliness make her feel at ease.

And what about the final result? Before shooting, she told us: “I’m sure that the photos will be beautiful, Guido is a true master of photography. She also told us how she could get more and more interested in this world, especially in recent years.

Maria cecchi, photomodel Glamour,
by Guido Fuà

Maria likes being in front of a camera, she is really beautiful and knows how to pose. In addition, her trained physique with zero imperfections plays a crucial role in the success of the book. The Glamour photos that we have made are strong and rebellious just like our boxer.

Today we could define her as a girl who has positively changed her life thanks to Boxing, current Italian champion of the category projected towards the European title.
We are her supporters and we wish her good luck.

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