When we talk about communication, important sectors are cinema and photography. In the cinematographic sector, photography isn’t a still image, but is regarded as an image in movement. It is necessary to make a real study of the internal and external environments in which to shoot. In the internal environments, in fact, it is necessary to reconstruct the lights according to the scene to be shot: the day and/or night ones following the choice of the environment and the time, the lights on the objects, on the actor’s faces and the various shots. With the use of lights and shadows that you can go to recreate enviroments that don’t exist in reality.

Who deals with photography in cinema

In the cinema, the director can personally take care of the photography, but he can also decide to ask for help to some professional experts of the sector who, studying the places, the lights and the shadows more suitable for the shooting, put the director in the conditions to choose in the most appropriate way not only the most suitable places but also the best times to shoot some scenes.

Important elements during shooting

In photography there are some fundamental elements, both in a still image and in a cinematic image. Among the fundamental elements is the light, artificial or natural, because it gives a greater definition to the image. Another element is the shot, as it defines the distance, width and position of the cameras. It is important to establish which elements should be in focus and which ones should be left in the background. Another element that the photographic director, with the help of computers in the post-production phase, takes care of in cinema, is that of colors.

Smartphone shooting

Photography is important in cinema because it brings out the mood of the characters and the viewer. There have been many changes over the years. If you think about the photography of the 60s it is certainly different from that of a film of these years. In fact, the filming techniques have changed, if you think that today you can shoot a film through a smartphone, as in the short film Living in a movie by Gabriele Muccino, in which there were no cameras. A smartphone with a good quality camera allows for excellent shootingPhotography, is important in every field for its ability to capture images and transmit emotions. Since cinema lives on emotions it is clear that without photography it couldn’t exist.

Giulia Antonelli

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