How to be creative by using reflection in photos

Reflection is not only using the mirror in photos but having any surface that returns the light. It is like playing with lights, transparency, and colors. You may have experienced many times that you look for trying something new in your pictures but you end up having no idea. Have fun in your photography journey and add some creative ideas with these article tips!

Do you know why? because it is a quick way and also an interesting technique to enhance your photos’ theme. Find a good subject and think about reflecting areas. Let’s point out the tips here:

1. Grab the reflecting colors and pay attention to the nature

It happens on many occasions that you intend to spend the weekend or holidays in nature, the blue sky, and a beautiful lake, river, or sea. What are you waiting for? Take your camera or mobile phone, try a good position. If you use the camera of your phone, don’t forget the grid lines. Look at reflections on water and the ending point of the sky. Capture it easily!

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2. The magic of the mirrors

Obviously, the first thing that comes across our minds when we say reflection is the mirror. Mirrors are everywhere, from your room, your purse, your car to other biggest places. You can take a small mirror with you, put it in front of your face, or use it as your surroundings reflecting tool. In addition, you can have two pictures in one photo with a mirror reflection.

  3. Add texture for showing the reflection more

Turning back to the nature example, you can add texture to the photo. The mixture of the waves of the lake with the reflection of the sunset on the surface is amazing. How many other textures and reflections you can have? Think about it

4. Glass Reflection

Not only mirrors but also glasses are the reflecting materials. Broken glasses, Wine glasses, and glass balls are some of the good things that you can make use of them. Make sure the lighting and the background are well organized enough. Don’t forget to examine the colors for the best result.

5. Liquid Reflection

Have you ever looked at the shadow of the water beside a glass? For instance, when you put a glass of water on a table and while the sun is shining, you can see this beautiful reflection of water. Build a good composition and take benefit of the liquid materials.

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6. The importance of Symmetry

First, let’s mention the symmetry meaning. It is the quality of having parts that match each other, especially in a way that is attractive, or similar in shape or content. Symmetry in photography is one of the interesting things in which if you keep in mind, you will have better photos. It is satisfying and makes a good composition and harmony. Therefore, to understand it better, divide the photo into two parts either horizontally or vertically. Grid mode in mobile phones helps you in this process as well. Find the reflection and try symmetry.

Well, Start now and capture amazing photos!

Credit: Samin Mousavi

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