Siena International Photo Awards

The Siena International Photo Awards is one of the photo contests with the highest international participation. In fact, almost 50,000 images were submitted by professional and amateur photographers from 156 countries worldwide.

The winners of the Siena Drone Photo Awards were announced, with the Norwegian photographer Terje Kolaas coming out on top with a photograph entitled “Pink-Footed Geese Meeting the Winter”. The stolen moment depicts geese in flight towards Svalbard, in the Arctic, still covered in snow due to the early arrival of the birds as a result of climate change.

Terje Kolaas Pink-Footed Geese Meeting the Winter

But the Norwegian photographer is not the only one to win an award on the night.

Nine categories were awarded at the Drone Photo Awards 2021: Urban, Wildlife, People, Abstract, Wedding, Sport, Animals.

The winners

The winner of the Urban category was Sergei Poletaev’s Metaphorical Statement About City and Winter.

The photographer captured a 500-year-old monastery in Moscow. In the background is a power station, where the steam from the cooling towers is thick with frost.

Monastery in Moscow

The winner of the Wedding category was Matteo Originale, with Verso l’Infinito insieme a Te.

The location is Marina di Pisa, on a late summer evening, embracing a couple towards their infinity full of love.

The winner of the Wildlife category was Qasim Al Farsi, with Back to adventure. The shot shows a green turtle returning to the water after laying its eggs, on the coast of Oman.

The winner of the Abstract category is a project by Gheorghe Popa entitled Poisoned Beauty. This is a personal project that tells the story of the natural disaster in the Apuseni Mountains, in the abstract.

Martin Sanchez wins the Nature category with the eruption of a volcano in Iceland.

Fishing in Mangrove Forest by Trung Pham Huy triumphed in the People category.  The photographer wanted to tell the story of a fisherman immersed in a mangrove forest in the lagoon of Tam Giang. The mangroves lose all their leaves and turn white.

Phil De Glanville wins the Sport category with Gold at the End of the Rainbow. The Australian depicted the end of the rainbow in a wave on the south-west coast of Western Australia. While surfer Ollie Henry was trying to escape from it.

The Siena Awards 2021 will animate Siena and its surroundings with a rich programme of exhibitions, workshops, photo tours, seminars, conferences, screenings and guided tours to discover the area. The special guest, for the first time in Italy, will be the American photojournalist Steve Winter with “Big Cats”, a major retrospective of the famous National Geographic photographer. The visual arts festival will also give space to the works of many other great international photographers: from the monographic exhibition of Brent Stirton, an icon of photojournalism, set up in Sovicille, to the collective exhibitions set up in Siena dedicated to two important international photographic awards: the exhibition “Imagine all the People Sharing all the World” with the most beautiful images of the “Siena International Photo Awards” and the exhibition “I Wonder if You Can” dedicated to artistic and creative photography that displays the images awarded at the “Creative Photo Awards”.

Info and social Siena Awards. All the exhibitions will be open on Fridays from 3pm to 7pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 7pm. The Siena Awards festival is promoted by the cultural association Art Photo Travel in co-organisation with the Municipality of Siena, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the University of Siena, the Region of Tuscany and the Chamber of Commerce of Siena and Arezzo. For further information and to find out about all the appointments, please visit the website festival.sienawards.com and follow the social channels on Facebook, sienawards; Instagram, @sienawards; Twitter, Siena Awards and YouTube Siena Awards.

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