Slim Aarons and his iconic photos!

Slim Aarons is a legendary American photographer who is well-known for the pictures of celebrities and socialites. His real name is George Allen Aarons and was born in 1916 in Manhattan, New York, U.S., and died in 2006 in Montrose, New York, the U.S. He joined the Army during World War II and began his career as a photographer. Slim Aarons worked with different magazines such as Life, Holiday, Town & Country throughout his career. He had the opportunity to record the lifestyle of Hollywood stars, American and European celebrities, and other celebrity jet sets.

Slim Aarons has entered into photography coincidently. When photojournalism was still a new phenomenon, he began his job and photographed for the weekly Army magazine Yank, while serving in World War II. He witnessed concentration camps and battles, including the Battle of Anzio in Italy, where he got the Purple Heart. One of the interesting things about him is that he never used any makeup artist or stylist for his photographs. Aarons importantly is famous for his sentence in which he believed; “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”

More about Arron’s photography style?

Without a doubt, Slim Aarons’s style is a combination of using varied elements. He has always paid attention to lurid, grisly, and saturated colors while using elegant designs, greater composition, and Haute couture. He has been broadly noticed by many important people from Michael Kors to Anna Sui to Lenny Kravitz.

Slim Aarons photos and Fashion brands

One of the fashion brands that recently used slim Aarons photos in a new capsule streetwear collection, is Rowing Blazers. In addition to Rowing Blazers, Maje also has made Aarons’s images the center of their summer 2020 capsule. Also, the other designers, Albino Teodoro and Tom Ford were inspired by the photographer for their 2020 collections as well. When Rowing Blazers released their collection in March of 2020, the company wrote:

“We’re extremely proud to be collaborating with Slim Aarons’ estate on this capsule. Aarons’ work, his sense of style and taste, and the combination of talent and impish charm that opened doors for him around the world are qualities that we not only respect but to which we aspire. We like the idea of taking some of Aarons’ most iconic work and applying it to a medium or canvas more usually associated with streetwear: graphic printed tees and hoodies. The printing has been done extremely carefully for all five of the images we chose for this collaboration: photographs of topless bathers in Capri; spectators at Henley Royal Regatta; a St. Tropez beach scene; a polo match by the sea in Spain; and – one of his most beautiful images in our opinion – a lakeside summer picnic”

What is the story of his Christmas photo?

This famous photo is taken when the wife of photographer Slim Aarons, Rita Aarons was swimming while three children are behind her playing. The pool is festooned with floating baubles and a decorated Christmas tree. this photo is as “Christmas Swim.”

To conclude, in recent years his work’s significance has grown, and he is now one of the most influential photographers of his time.

credit: Samin Mousavi

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