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Street photography & reportage| Guide Book for a traveler – photographer : tools and advice to bring with you to take original pictures

reportage africa
Credit: Guido Fuà

Reportage and street photography are fluid and versatile genres. They don’t have predefined times and methods but let themselves be carried away by the inspiration that everyday stories offer to the photographer.
You can use many ways to express a message, a concept or the emotion of the moment.
Despite the complexity from a technical point of view, the reportage offers many opportunities to tell original stories.
Because of the versatility of the genre, it is important to choose the right photographic and non-photographic equipment, based on the place where the work is going to be done in order to be able to face any unexpected.

Credit: Guido Fuà

If you are an aspiring photojournalist you may have already noticed that when you take pics on the go, it is vital to combine lightness, efficiency and versatility.
In addition to your spirit of adaptation, you will therefore need to consider bringing with you comfortable equipment that allows you to take quality photographs while respecting essentiality.
Avoid delicate and heavy encumbrances that reduce exploration time with assembly and increase the price of the plane ticket.
The best solution fits in a photo backpack of the size of a hand luggage.

Technical equipment

As for the technical equipment necessary for shooting, you will obviously need a camera body, reflex or mirrorless.
If you are a beginner, do not get discouraged, you can take beautiful shots even with a good compact camera.
Get one or more spare batteries both because you will have to shoot a lot and because in adverse weather conditions, for example in the snows of Lapland, the battery will be the first to fail.

Optics and accessories that you must have

In terms of optics, it is essential to have a good wide angle (14-18 mm), medium focal lens (50-105mm) and a telephoto lens (200 -400 mm).
Due to the fact that you will not be able to carry many lenses, you can opt for zooms instead of fixed lenses.
You will give up some degree of rendering but you will be able to shoot with more focal lengths obtaining versatile photographs and more points of view in a single lens.
Finally, you will need a hotshoe flash for low light photography, a tripod (Manfrotto Befree series) and diameter protection filters for the various lenses.
Must have are memory cards, a power strip with adapter (you will need it, because you know, country you go, socket you find) and finally a cleaning kit with brush and optical papers to use before and after each shooting set.

Bonus: sheets and protections for sand or salt, then harnesses for the camera and lens or alternatively rubber bands and freezer bags.

Be curios

Credit: Guido Fuà

First of all, you will have to “arm yourself” with curiosity. Study the facts, customs and culture of the place you want to tell.

In fact, it is important to have an overview of the situations in which you can shoot and any permissions you may need.

In some countries, especially in the Middle East, people don’t like being photographed so make sure you have their consent.

Tell a story

Credit: Guido Fuà

Firstly consider topics that can gain visibility.
Secondly, choose locations that are not too distracting and identify the subject on which you want the viewer’s attention will focus.
Finally, create a story. The quantity of the shots is not as important as their common thread which must convey consistency and uniqueness.

Remember that you are offering a freeze frame experience.

Once you have defined your travel goal, planned your trips, packed your suitcase and chosen the equipment to take with you, you just have to leave for the next adventure.


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