Instagram’s impact on the photography

Photografy and communication on social media

Since the digital revolution, the world of photography has become intertwined with the world of communication. Instagram is considered the social of images where photography is at the center of everything. Its functioning doesn’t allow you to post only a text, but to do so you must necessarily post a photo. Therefore we observe the importance of the visual aspect on Instagram.

Guido Fuà’s reportage in Japan

The influencers

As we know in recent years, firstly from Chiara Ferragni onwards, a new profession has emerged: the influencer. The latter live to take care of their image and to do so they need a professional: the photographer.  In this way that they can stand out in the crowd of the many who try to become influencers by taking a few photos here and there. Professionalism is that added value that can make the difference. Attention to the feed and consistency in posting high-quality photos will go a long way in forming in the mind of the “follower” an idea of seriousness and reliability. All of this will push the consumer even more to buy the products sponsored by their darling. It’s interesting, therefore, this collaboration between photographer and influencer, which can help both. 

Guido Fua’s portrait

The filters’ effect

Secondly, the phenomenon of filters has become increasingly popular. Often used for fun, to hide some dark circles or imperfections, but they can have a more important meaning and should be paid more attention to. Often those who are found most on Instagram are young people, so all this distorting of the face and hiding one’s flaws can have a negative impact, especially towards those who are more insecure and all this feeds their insecurities because they see it done by others.

In addition, the simplicity and spontaneity of the shot is lost, although even in photography there is all the post production work and some things are changed. In the case of Instagram it can have a negative feedback because of the immediacy of the social and the young kids using it, who are still influenceable due to the fact that they are not fully formed but in the midst of their growth. However, there’s a difference between a retouched image without a purpose and one created with a clear plan behind it. 

Guido Fuà’s reportage in Japan

The photographer on social media

In conclusion returning to the photographer, we observe how his work can also be implemented on a social. The profile, if well done, become a real virtual gallery. It can also be useful for an aspiring photographer to start here, investing little and presenting his or her own shots. It can be a stepping stone, but one should never stop studying.

Guido Fuà’s reportage in Japan

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