The photographic composition

Photographic Composition is the process of identifying and organizing the elements that produce a coherent image.

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Eilona studio by Guido Fua’

Photographic composition is important for the success of a photograph; knowing only photographic technique is not enough.
When you take a photo, first of all, you frame the scene you want to capture, and finally, you click to take the picture. But it doesn’t end there! Behind every successful shoot there is always study, analysis and reflection.

Before shooting you already have the result you want in mind. In fact, your mind has already registered the emotions aroused by a given scene. Rendering the same feelings in an image is difficult in itself. Often, when we review a shot of an image that has moved us… we realise that it does not ‘make it enough.

FOOD by Guido Fua’

The objective of photographic composition is to put all the elements of a scene in the right place. It does this, according to a coherent and effective organisation, in order to facilitate the photographer in communicating a message and a state of mind.

Rules of photographic composition

By Guido Fua’

There are various rules of composition in photography. Almost all of them are to be considered correct, but none of them is to be considered fixed or immutable. It is not a mathematical rule. The photographer may or may not apply them, but he or she will certainly not be ignorant of them.

  • La Sezione Aurea
  • Simmetria Dinamica
  • La Regola dei terzi

To find out more and learn about some of the techniques of photo composition in detail, we recommend this article!

In short, the photographic composition is a process that simultaneously considers all the different aspects of the future image: framing, perspective, light, movement, subject position. They are inextricably linked and a change in one determines a change in the others in the final image.

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