3 street photographers you should know

Without a doubt, street photographers are influential artists that express different aspects of life. Nowadays street photography is considered a form of art. As you may know, street photography records the daily routine and everyday life experiences.

Street photography is a way to interact with strangers and talk with them. Indeed, with the growth of social media, now we are able to see many genres of street photography and even many street photographers from all around the world.

In this article, you will know three famous street photographers that will definitely increase your interest in this art form.


Boogie is a famous street photographer who has seen many streets around the world. He became famous for his photographs of the streets of New York. He was able to depict aspects of life in New York that were preferred not to be seen or that people were not interested in seeing. In his photos, you see criminals, street children, the homeless, and addicts. Documentary and portrait photographs of people are the most important things that he has done.

This Serbian photographer has published 6 photography books, 5 of which are in black and white, and only his sixth book is in color.

John Free

HE is one of the social documentary and street photographers who live in Los Angeles. His photographs have been published in some magazines such as Photographic Magazine, U.S. News and World Report published. He is also very interested in sharing his knowledge with others and you can get a lot of useful information from his YouTube channel. In the videos he shares on YouTube, John explains the philosophical reason for his street photography. He tells you how and why you should take a photo. In addition to her YouTube channel, the photographer holds many classes and workshops around the world.

Robert Frank

Robert Frank, who first started his career in advertising photography, worked for well-known Swiss companies and managed to immigrate to the United States in just six years. He switched to fashion photography, shooting with the Leica 35mm camera, which was not very popular at the time. Robert Frank spent the next decade of his life with street photographers and gained a great deal of fame in this way. He is well-known for his rendering of American life. One of his important short films is “Pull My Daisy.” Frank was the director of this American short film.

Credit: Samin Mousavi

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