Use of portrait photography

Foto di Guido Fuà, © PHOTOGRAPHER GUIDO FUA’ – all rights reserved

A photograph taken of a person or group of people may be a particular type of photograph, the portrait photograph. The purpose is to capture their expressions, personality and mood. At the centre of portrait photography is the face, but also the background and the body of the person photographed can take part in the picture.

The history of portrait photography

Francesco Montanari, Foto di Guido Fuà, © PHOTOGRAPHER GUIDO FUA’ – all rights reserved

Portrait photography developed in the middle of the 19th century. In photographic studios, the photographer would position the models in the correct way and neutral backgrounds behind, illuminated by the light coming in through the window. Over the years, equipment and techniques have improved. This has allowed photographers to capture images in less time and to practice this type of photography outside the studio. Photographers use many techniques for this type of photography. They always try to focus on the face and eyes, leaving less important elements out of focus.

Portrait photography types

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Portrait photos have many types. When a photographer takes a half-length portrait, such as, he or she can do it in various ways, he or she can take it in black and white or in colour. They can choose to shoot in a studio or outdoors, use natural light or not. Also the position of the model is not always the same, the model can be in three-quarter view, frontal or in profile. Of course, this is only one of the many types of portrait photos that exist.

At Christmas

Many families organise a Christmas photo shoot just before Christmas. It is an opportunity to build memories with loved ones. The family portrait photo is very common. First of all the most significant moments have to be immortalised, giving importance to the elements that are representative for the family. At Christmas time, families decorate the tree, unwrap presents and children prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus. You can look for the right atmosphere by the tree, by the decorations or the lights that illuminate the environment, indoors or outdoors, creating the magic of Christmas. The most important thing is to have fun and let the children enjoy themselves to create special photographs that will bring back all the good times when they are viewed.

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