Valentine photography: from hearts to memorable photos

Photo by Guido Fua’

Valentine is a perfect time to take memorable photos and create a love story. It is another opportunity for us to remember and appreciate our love and our devotion to the ones we truly and deeply adore.

More often than not couples or friends and families made up their minds to take photoshoots and celebrate their friendship and relationship this day. Some people prefer to even print the photos as a gift. Valentine’s photos usually are full of red hearts and different decorations in order to show this special day and the strong feelings.

Let’s have a brief explanation of Valentine

What is the story behind this day?

Well, it is originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world. Therefore, nowadays Valentine is not only a name but it is a very important date in people’s calendars. Without a shadow of a doubt, we take memorable photos of any important event, and Valentine’s day is one of them!

If you are also thinking of taking fascinating pictures all by yourself, continue reading.

How you can take beautiful Valentin’s photos?

Relaxed and natural

The subject needs to look relaxed and without tension. Some people become nervous when they are exposed to the camera lens, therefore you should put him/her at ease.  Looking natural with a beautiful and impressive smile result in perfect photos.

Talking and Acting

One of the good approaches for making the pictures more fascinating is offering your subjects or couples to speak and to have different activities. You can take some photos while they act naturally, laugh and have fun with each other. Later when they look at their photos, they will remember each second very well. The words, the actions, and the feeling.

The power of flowers

Don’t forget the power of fresh flowers. Red roses are the most common type of flowers that are used on some occasions. If your clients or photo subjects tend to be more creative and even different than ever, you can give them more ideas with other red bouquets and boxes. Different flowers with magnificent decorations could be interesting too. In contrast, some people may prefer to take photos at the beach, or the locations they have sweet memories or first met.

Valentine decorations or simple location

It depends all on your subject idea of having valentine photos with hearts and red theme or natural and simple outdoor locations. If they want to express Valentine’s vibe in all of their pictures, you can suggest to them some photos at the studio with red decorations, lights, and wine glasses. As a photographer, you can also go ahead with nice places and unique locations.

Macro Photography

You can take some photos using the Macro photography method. The only thing which you need is a Macro lens for details. The macro lens allows you to focus on your subject more. You can use rings, candles, red roses or different hand poses for impressive photoshoots. It is all about your ideas and good lighting.

Make this day more special with these tips above and flawless valentine’s photos.

Credit: Samin Mousavi

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