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After eleven years of civil war, which has devastated the country and the educational system with the destruction of thousands of schools, the Republic of Sierra Leone is back to promoting education to ensure a better future for the population through children so that they can build a democratic and transparent government through education. This is how the Makassa Primary School project was born in the village of Makassa in the north of Bombali, supported and promoted by the Italian government. 

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Enel X

Enel X uses digitalization, innovation, and sustainability to provide energetic services. Progress is the backbone of the business initiative: a new way of understanding energy because of the future. Enel X drives companies, cities, and people towards the change: the company catalyzes its strengths to sustainable and technological use of the tools. Return spaces to a new life redeveloping light systems are its point of strength. The strong attention to the environment and sustainable resources is the company’s main quality

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I’ve been working on this theme on and off in the past years. The goal of this project primarily consisted in the will to step further the issues of massive immigration and integration in Italy, revealing a growing reality among the italian society components. Unlike other nations, Italy seems to not consider immigration as a source full of cultural values. Therefore, I’ve chosen to be one of the few photographers to portrait immigrants from different countries. This allowed me to put out new perspectives in order to develop consciousness around this beautiful reality.

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Talarico ties

Based in Rome, Talarico Ties was founded by Maurizio Talarico in 1999. As icons of Made in Italy artisanal quality, his ties have been worn by many Presidents of the Italian Republic and Ministers Council, and US Presidents too. It takes up to 35-45 minutes to create a Talarico Tie, and each model is reproduced only three times. Choosing Talarico Ties means wearing a limited edition masterpiece. “The tie is the hallmark of a fashion connoisseur”  -Maurizio Talarico

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Enel green power

Enel Green Power company deals with developing and managing all the activities aimed at generating energy from renewable sources. The company’s mission is to guide the transition to a de-charred society, allowing access to renewable energy to all the stakeholders. The Project is based on the exploitation of 4 types of industrial systems (photovoltaic, solar – thermal, wind, and geothermal) and adopting the principle of energetic efficiency. The purpose is to make your home efficient by saving money and respecting the environment.

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