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The metaverse is the next evolution of social connection. Our company’s vision is to help bring the metaverse to life, so we are changing our name to reflect our commitment to this future.

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What is metaverse?

It is a virtual expansion of the real world. Where we live and interact through an avatar and through technological and wearable devices, such as smart glasses, virtual reality helmets and visors, gloves and haptic suits. A digital world where virtual reality is deeply connected to the web and where people can live a life parallel to that of the real world. That is what the metaverse is.

The term metaverse is a ‘Macedonian word’ consisting of meta, which comes from the Greek and means ‘beyond’, and the universe.

In other words, we could say that the metaverse is the virtual reality projected onto the web. It is also shared by so many people at the same time. In the metaverse, you can assume your own identity or a new digital identity. You can get in touch with other people and things, and carry out social activities. Living a second life, like in a huge video game.


What do we know about it?

Simply put, we are talking about a virtual reality world. Where users can interact, game and experience things as they would in the real world. Using current AR and VR tech, they can immerse into this world and interact with overlaying objects and people in the visual projected in front of them.
This is is just a game world with no use in the real world. Despite the fact that it is easy to look at metaverse platforms and see nothing but a video game. The reality is that people are already using them for work and as a way to increase their income.

What is metaverse for?

To take the existing digital experience to the next level, it brings a range of real-world capabilities to users in a 3D immersive world. According to Akash Takyar, founder and CEO of LeewayHertz, Metaverse is undoubtedly the biggest innovation in the world of virtual reality. This will change for sure our perception of the internet and social media interactions.
In reality, Metaverse is still in its early stages of development and may present some potential challenges.

Contrary to what we experience in the real world, it is quite difficult to identify people in the Metaverse. Scammers or bots can damage someone’s reputation just by pretending to be someone’s avatar and achieving their ultimate goal. Another vital challenge, of course, is the concern for privacy.
Although this limits, we know that with a comprehensive understanding of Metaverse development and a professional team, we will easily design and launch your own custom virtual world without risking security.

We cannot finish here to talk about the future.

Stay tuned for other articles about virtual reality!

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