Why do we prefer videos rather than pictures?

Videos are, by their own nature, more suited to transmit a sense of storytelling compared to images. The mere fact that videos can have sound and pictures cannot, gives the film a huge benefit in the first instance.

How much time do we take to judge whether we like or dislike a piece of content like videos or photos?

I don’t think I’m telling you a secret by saying that the answer is a few seconds. The frenzy feed suggests that we don’t have too much time to spend on every single post.
So videos, especially reels, are now the trending formats on social networks. This is because videos help us optimise our time. They give us immediate information, short and clear concepts.

How is the Reel format becoming so successful ?

We have to start saying what is Instagram’s reel: Reels have a different set of rules and expectations than other Instagram features. They are no more than 60 seconds long, similar to Tik Tok videos. Reels often include multiple videos from the original audio. For example, we might find a voice-over or a song. It may also contain other features such as text overlays, video adjustments, filters and more. And nowadays… Reels are everywhere on Instagram.

What are the main characteristics for a winning video? Especially on social media?

1- Entertain and be funny;
2- Be stimulating: in some videos, we can see starting a trend that others can easily join;
3- Use creative tools such as text, filters or camera effects;
4- Use music hits or pieces that are emerging at the time;
5- Broadcast training and information pills.

On social media, Reels now seem to be the winning strategy. They lead us to achieve popularity and wide dissemination of our contents.
It must also be said that there are real procedures and rules to follow to make your reel as viral as possible.

Our time is pecious!

But the only aspect that really counts is Time. Typical of our times is, in fact, the temporariness with which we linger to watch videos or photos. Our age is determined by the fast scrolling that never stops. This leads us to miss the details, and therefore to understand a photograph.

For these reasons, the art of photography is perhaps destined to be emptied of its absolute and powerful force. Obviously, we hope not, and we are more than aware of the strength of an image.

This is precisely the complaint of Michele Ciavarella, Journalist and editor-in-chief of Style Magazine “Corriere della Sera“: We miss those historical images, like the famous “Dovima and the elephants” by Richard Avedon for Dior”, considered today a myth for those who study fashion and photography.

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