Cortona On The Move: New projects and artistic changes

The eleventh edition of the international visual narrative festival Cortona On The Move will take place from July 15 to October 3, 2021. The festival focuses on a wide range of storytelling tools, starting with photography as the basic grammar of visual language and welcoming stories that include video, sound, text and other installation and immersive elements. Cortona On The Move wants to be the dynamic center of the contemporary visual narrative, telling stories that stimulate reflection and transformation. The exhibitions, as every year, will be held in the palaces of the historical center of the Tuscan city and at the Fortezza del Girifalco. The Cultural Association ONTHEMOVE looks forward with confidence to the future by announcing the eleventh edition of the festival, a positive response to the socio-economic crisis that has affected the entire society in recent months.  The international visual narrative festival Cortona On The Move continues its journey thanks to the support of the Municipality of Cortona, the Region of Tuscany and Intesa Sanpaolo, Main Partner for the fourth year. Cortona The dominant feature of the festival is the centrality of contemporary photography, with a continuous attention to the evolution of photographic language that also this year will showcase works that will excite and make people think.

Cortona On The Move: Projects of Hope

In its eleven years of history Cortona On The Move has gained credibility, prestige and international relevance. All of this reaching an almost unique position in the European panorama.

This important goal has been achieved thanks to the choices and the vision of Arianna Rinaldo, artistic director of the festival since 2012, who believed from the beginning in the ambitious project and shared the mission of the Cultural Association ONTHEMOVE.

The association, which conceived the event, wanted to make Cortona On The Move an international reference for contemporary photography, achieving important results. After the 2020 edition dedicated to The COVID-19 Visual Project, Cortona On The Move focuses on humanity and its relationships. “We Are Humans” is the 2021 theme chosen by artistic director Arianna Rinaldo.

“We are all protagonists of this edition, the human being returns to the center in his daily life, with his relationships, affections and sharing of experiences, a tribute to the ordinary and the extraordinary of our human condition between intimacy and public dimension.” 

Among the protagonists of the eleventh edition, Paolo Pellegrin, world-renowned Italian photographer of the Magnum Photos agency and Canon Ambassador, who accepted the proposal of Cortona On The Move to realize a photographic project on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the relationships between people. “The Other”,Pellegrin’s photographic project, captures everyday life in an atypical historical period marked by social distancing. Faces become the instrument with which the individual shows himself to the other and to himself. There will also be “As we will be – Italy that rebuilds “, a selection of photographs curated by Arianna Rinaldo that recounts the rebirth of Italy after World War II, suggesting a parallelism with the post-pandemic situation we are experiencing today. A tale of optimism and hope.

After ten years the artistic direction changes

After ten years of fruitful and authoritative collaboration, the Association and Arianna Rinaldo have chosen to renew the challenges and take new paths.

After this eleventh edition of the festival, therefore, which will take place from July 15 to October 3, 2021, Arianna Rinaldo will leave the artistic direction.

The ONTHEMOVE Cultural Association has already decided who will be the new artistic director of the festival. It will be Paolo Woods, photographer and multifaceted artist, who will take charge starting from the 2022 edition. Photographer of Canadian and Dutch origin, and twice awarded at the World press photo, his projects combine photography with investigative journalism.

Mariachiara Proietti Di Fulvio

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