3 Masters of architectural photography


Architectural photography grew with other interesting fields in the world of photography.  There are a lot of amazing and eye-catching buildings, skyscrapers, interior and exterior designs that will draw your attention for plenty of time. Architectural photographers represent the different ideas behind the architect’s minds.

They certainly show the beauty of the constructions combined with the imagination and the consideration of photography knowledge. Therefore, without a doubt, that’s why architectural photography is a specific field in photography and art. For example, it is the mixture of one single building with the accurate and careful use of light, shadow, and emotions. As a matter of the fact, architectural or building photographers consider the atmosphere for their photoshoots as the main photography factor.

In this article, you are going to read about three architectural photographers who took photos of built buildings professionally. Along with a number of photographers who are employed by some firms to take photos for them, Some photographers intend to work as freelance photographers and besides that, have an exhibition with a different artistic point of view through their photoshoots. Obviously, with the growth of architectural photography, there are many iconic photographers in the building photography field which are mentioned below:

James Austin; An Australian fine art and architectural photographer

He was born on June 4, 1940, in Melbourne, Australia. Academically James Austin continued his education at the Courtauld Institute, London exactly after studying architecture and fine art at Jesus College, Cambridge. He mainly traveled to France and Italy as a freelance photographer and made a library of photos. James Austin was also a personal photographer of one of the important painters called Ben Nicholson. Furthermore, there are numerous Austin photographs from historic architecture and sculpture for the Conway Library at the Courtauld taken from his widely Europe travels. Antique Woodworking Tools is one of his books including 1,500 illustrations. Austin Photograph Collection of French and Italian Medieval Architecture are kept by Yale University.

Luca Campigotto; An Italian landscape and architectural photographer

Luca Campigotto is an Italian visual artist is born in Venice in 1962. He studied Modern History and had his thesis on travel literature in an era of great geographical discoveries. He is particularly well known for his photos of night cityscapes and wild landscapes. You can find many photos and different projects altogether about Venice, Rome, Naples, London, New York, the Casbah road in Morocco, the temples of Angkor, Chile, India,  China, Yemen, Iran among his studies. He also published many books,

  •  L’ora blu, Fondazione Capri, 2019
  • Disoriente, Postcart Edizioni, Rome, 2018
  • Iconic China, texts by W. M. Hunt, Damiani, Bologna, 2017
  • Le règles de la vision, texts by François Hébel and Walter Guadagnini, Italian Cultural Institute, Paris 2016

, including many other essays. In addition, the literary magazine Nuovi Argomenti publish his photoshoots and poems in 2005.

Hélène Binet; Swiss-French architectural photographer

Hélène Binet is a Swiss-French architectural photographer based in London. she is also one of the leading architectural photographers in the world. Binet was born on July 25, 1959, in Switzerland. Binet studied Photography in Rome before starting architectural photography. Definitely, Helen Binet is notable because of her work with popular and celebrated architects such as Daniel Libeskind, Peter Zumthor, and Zaha Hadid. There are several publications on the works of some architects. She attempts to show different and essential parts of their works along with their identity.

She realized, with the help of meeting these architects, “that when you photograph a building you enter a world where you can question who we are and what we do and why”.

Her photographs are a combination of historical and contemporary architecture.

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