Guido Fuà, Hotel Cavalieri Hilton


© Guido Fuà, Hotel Cavalieri Hilton

To enhance and promote public or tourist places, they used interior photography. Of course, this genre of photography also needs to convey emotions to the viewer. Therefore, communication has a fundamental objective, transmitted at an empathetic level is important. 


An interior photographer has an important function. He must be very careful with his work and must not improvise.  The interior photographer needs specific equipment in order for his photos to be successful. The equipment the photographer needs is professional cameras, so as to have the right resolution to highlight the most important details; lenses; lighting, since it is important to have the right light. The spaces in which to take interior photos are always carefully studied without ever leaving anything to chance. The photographer has the ability to add or delete objects within a room that is photographed, creating the most suitable scene. An interior photographer has a creative vision that allows him to express himself at his best.

When to use

© Guido Fuà, Hotel Cavalieri Hilton

Interior photography is widely used to promote tourist activities, clubs, hotels because it is easier to show the strengths of an activity. Photography allows you to highlight every detail. If you think of a hotel, photography shows all the beauty of it through photographic techniques. An interior photographer, if he has to photograph a hotel for a new activity, highlights the beauty of the rooms through the use of the right light and, with the appropriate compositions, arranging every detail. Even if you want to promote a tourist activity, the photographer has a fundamental role. He tries to highlight all the beauty and characteristics of the place. Working at a communicative and empathic level is fundamental. The photo aims to make people feel positive feelings and encourage them to visit the place they are looking at.

© Guido Fuà, Palazzo Manfredi

The interior photographer must pay attention to detail, choose the right position from which to shoot, see where the right light is so that the scene is properly lit, check everything in detail, and if something should not convince him, he can create or improve the scene by trying to make it perfect.

Photographers have also used interior photography for furniture and design magazines, where the quality of the image is fundamental, and also in magazines for renting or selling houses. 

© Guido Fuà, Palazzo Manfredi

Interior photography is therefore very important to bring out the characteristics of a place and the interior photographer has a fundamental role. 

Giulia Antonelli

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